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MPAH Appoints Ambassadors for International Representation

By administrator - Posted on 26 March 2016

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MPAH Appoints Ambassadors for International Representation


Boston-MA 3/26/16 – The Motion Picture Association of Haiti (MPAH) has appointed several prominent individuals as MPAH Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will assume various responsibilities including but not limited to:

- Representing MPAH in official capacities
- Conducting Interviews on behalf of the organization
- Officiating “Meet and Great” sessions with prominent local representatives in their region
- Recruiting potential members to the MPAH family

The following Ambassadors comprise award-winners, journalist, filmmakers, actors, etc.:
• Falia Justima, MPAH Best Actress Winner (Florida)
• Graphy Jules, MPAH Best Actor Winner ( Canada)
• Loukovsky Morrisset, Film Director ( Mirebalais, Haiti)
• Paul Villefranche, Journalist ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
• Ralph Louissaint, Actor and Writer ( California)
• Naomie Germain, 2016 Miss New Mexico ( New Mexico)
• Djanillie Joseph, Entrepreneur ( NJ)

Hans Patrick Domerçant, MPAH’s President is “very excited about this new initiative.” He says “this will allow MPAH to have a veritable presence wherever Haitians reside; whether in Haiti or abroad. This presence will solidify our relationship with Filmmakers throughout Haiti and the Diaspora.”

Upon receiving news of her appointment, Falia Justima, an MPAH 2014 Best Actress winner expressed her excitement thusly: “Thank you for selecting me to join such an awesome team. I will be honored to serve your organization.”

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. is a non-profit corporation located in Boston
MA. It was founded in April 2007. MPAH endeavors to make Haitian Cinema a potential professional career for Haitian filmmakers. It further aims to create a structure in the market that will facilitate the distribution of Haitian films at all levels while protecting and defending the rights of Haitian writers, directors, actors and other mavens in the field of filmmaking.


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