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Mirebalais, Haiti Youth Filmmaking Learning Center(current project)

The post-Haitian earthquake period is a challenging time for the youth and young adults in every Haitian community. The Mirebalais Youth Filmmaking Learning Center is being developed to address some of the issues being experienced by the poor youth and young adults in the Mirebalais community in Haiti. There is a fertile and active community of videographers and filmmakers in Mirebalais, who have numerous needs that cannot be addressed by existing organizations in the community.

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. (MPAH) is seeking funding to support the implementation of our Mirebalais Youth Filmmaking Learning Center. This grant will be used as general operating support to aid our efforts to diversify and deliver video programming instruction and production to the youth in Mirebalais, Haiti and by assisting local independent filmmakers through our wide range of services.

This fund will be used to help purchase video equipments and lighting sets.

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Learning Center project summary
One of the most important aspects of the learning center is to provide opportunities for young people to further develop their creative skills and talents in arts.

The Center will offer after-school program, weekend and summer classes to more than 300 students a year, 90 percent of whom come from low-income households.
The Center will bring high-quality arts education to families who would otherwise not have these opportunities.

We believe that young people need a space to express them self that can keep them away from peer pressure and other negative influences. The learning center is not only met to educate young people but it’s also a place where they can develop relationship among them self and work with adult who can serve as mentor.

We will provide video and filmmaking classes to the disadvantage young people in Boston.

MPAH does not have paid staff. All work of the Organization is totally volunteer. The trustee contributes funds necessary to support the operations of MPAH. Contributions from individuals/businesses and other public or private entities go entirely to assist our programs.

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Video Message from the Haitian American Filmmakers

Produced by the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc

in reference to the Earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th 2010 we reunited a group of Haitian American Filmmakers from around USA, CANADA and Haiti to produce a video message
to help bring comfort to our Haitian community and to thank the international community for the services rendered to our country.

Video Documentary—Trauma Counseling for Haitian immigrants in Massachusetts by MPAH

The Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc is currently working on a Trauma Counseling Video Documentary project to help the Haitian community in Massachusetts cope with the impact of the Haitian earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th 2010.

The goals of the project is to conduct a wide range of interviews of Haitians in Massachusetts affected by the Haiti earthquake, organize counseling sessions and produce a video documentary of the program activities, which will be widely distributed to the media and other interested parties.

For more info about the Documentary click on the link below

Haiti Quake Search

Since the Haitian earthquake the Motion Picture Association of Haitian, Inc. has implemented the “Haiti Quake Search Project” in which we have help 2,000 Haitians locate their love one, families and friends in Haiti. We created a website and thousands of Haitians have contacted us regarding their missing relatives. The program also place indigenous Haitians on the ground in Haiti to help search for missing relatives and love ones. This was our direct support and contribution to the family members affected by the devastated earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 2010. As of now the website remain on as a reference database website for the public and the media but the services of locating missing Haitian on the ground are no longer in effect.

Social Networking Web site MPAH.ORG

Since our foundation in 2007, Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc has put many services in place.

The first one is a community web ( in an effort to bridge all Haitian actors, writers, directors, producers and all others in the field of filmmaking.

On this website there is:

• A 24/24 online television which offers courses pertaining to cinematography technique and also allows the Haitian filmmakers to post and promote their trailers.

• The site offers to its members the possibility to create their blog, post their photo and publish their biographies, etc.

MPAH.ORG is committed to promote all Haitian cinematography products without prejudice for the sole purpose of promoting the Haitian film industry. This community website represents a source of information of the film industry over all, and particularly the Haitian film industry. MPAH has already over 1300 members among which are some prominent Haitian filmmakers and actors of the industry.

Win Win Distribution System

A new way of movie distribution invented by MPAH for independent filmmakers.
To our independent filmmakers this is the only safe way you can get your cash back from your hard work...the Win Win Distribution System is a system, a network, a software.

More info in French text below
Finalement la solution tant attendu des filmmakers.

WWDS permet aux filmmakers d’avoir un oeil soutenu sur la vente de leur DVD,sur le résultat de leur effort. Avec ce système révolutionnaire de distribution du cinéma haïtien, Ils Garderont leur droit sur le Film sur lequel ils ont tant
travaille, ils seront en contact direct avec toute la filière de distribution. Ils ont à travers ce système, le contrôle sur les différentes commandes de stock de DVD. MPAH s’engage devant les lois américaines de mettre en vigueur un système intègre, les réalisateurs de film ont un système et une institution qu’ils peuvent faire confiance.

Visit the links below for more info about WWDS: or

Watch Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc
Press Conference about Win Win Distribution System
December 2008

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